Name Position Email Extension
School Leadership Team      
Freya Lund School Director  flund@paulrobesoncs.org  31114 
Jessica Fazzie Director of Curriculum  jfazzie@paulrobesoncs.org   
Daniel Finn Director of Culture  dfinn@paulrobesoncs.org  31511 
General Ed. Elementary      
Dorothy Shu 4th Math  dshu@paulrobesoncs.org  31515 
Dana Skillman 4th Science  dskillman@paulrobesoncs.org  31518 
Sherry Toner 4th Social Studies  stoner@paulrobesoncs.org  31533 
Shatiika Waldron 4th RELA  swaldron@paulrobesoncs.org  31547 
Kimetria Dormevil 5th RELA  kdormevil@paulrobesoncs.org   
Lida Geraci 5th Math  lgeraci@paulrobesoncs.org  31512 
Daniel Rohe 5th Social Studies  drohe@paulrobesoncs.org  31549 
Nicole Ryan 5th Science  nryan@paulrobesoncs.org   
General Ed. Middle School      
Marie Helms 6th Science  mhelms@paulrobesoncs.org   
Victoria Perez 6th Math  vperez@paulrobesoncs.org  31529 
Joshua Saar 6th Social Studies  jsaar@paulrobesoncs.org   
Cynthia Taylor 6th RELA  ctaylor@paulrobesoncs.org  31538 
Taylor Block 7th Science  tblock@paulrobesoncs.org   
Todd Klokis 7th Social Studies  tklokis@paulrobesoncs.org  31506 
Corey Michener 7th RELA  cmichener@paulrobesoncs.org  31526 
Jacob Yaster 7th Math  jyaster@paulrobesoncs.org  31520 
Sandra Mehmedagic 8th Social Studies  smehmedagic@paulrobesoncs.org  31509 
Amy Muldoon 8th RELA  amuldoon@paulrobesoncs.org  31534 
Gail Somers 8th Science  gsomers@paulrobesoncs.org  31539 
Kristin Stiles 8th Grade Math  kstiles@paulrobesoncs.org  31522 
Special Subjects      
Brittany Bower ESL  bbower@paulrobesoncs.org   
Juan Rosario ESL  jrosario@parulrobesoncs.org   
Nicte Ha Wurts Spanish  nwurts@paulrobesoncs.org  31531 
Kyle Kaminskas Elementary PE  kkaminskas@paulrobesoncs.org  31552 
Daniel Pennisi P.E.  dpennisi@paulrobesoncs.org   
Amber Stewart Middle School PE  astewart@paulrobesoncs.org  31541 
Melissa Kapish Art  mkapish@paulrobesoncs.org  31558 
Special Education Instruction      
Pamela Junge 4th Sp.Ed.  pjunge@paulrobesoncs.org  31503 
Melissa Carberry 5th Sp.Ed.  mcarberry@paulrobesoncs.org   
Tara Quinlan 6th Sp.Ed.  tquinlan@paulrobesoncs.org  31556 
Olivia Levach 7th Sp.Ed.  olevach@paulrobesoncs.org  31546 
Sal Labruno 8th Sp.Ed.  slabruno@paulrobesoncs.org  31523 
Instructional Support      
Regina Bell Behavior Intervention Coordinator  rbell@paulrobesoncs.org  31501 
Lisa Hall Elementary Dean  lihall@paulrobesoncs.org  31110 
Devon Johnson Middle School Dean  djohnson@paulrobesoncs.org  31550 
Mary Mooney Instructional Support Specialist  mmooney@paulrobesoncs.org  31528 
Ashanti Waters Manager of Student Supports  awaters@paulrobesoncs.org  31555 
Non-Instructional Support      
Kari Crane Nurse  kcrane@paulrobesoncs.org  31107 
Allison Trapp Manager of Student Life and Assessments  atrapp@paulrobesoncs.org  31544 
Cynthia Spotwood Operations Coordinator/Registrar  cspotwood@paulrobesoncs.org  31101 
Shelineth Perez Operations Coordinator  sperez@paulrobesoncs.org  31531 
Cypress Hadi Operations Coordinator / Business Food Services  chadi@paulrobesoncs.org  31119 
Griselle Gerena Food Services     
Iris Perez Food Services